Abscessed Tooth

How do I know if I have an abscessed tooth?
People who develop an abscess usually experience pain and swelling. The swelling itself is quite irritating. It’s full of bacteria and rotting white blood cells.
Some other symptoms:
* Severe pain
* Fire
* Swollen neck glands
* Pain when chewing
* Redness and swelling of the gums
* Bitter taste in mouth
* Sensitivity in gums
* bad breath
* Sensitivity of teeth to cold or heat
* General discomfort and restlessness
* An open, draining sore near the gum
* Swollen area of the upper or lower jaw

My dentist gave me antibiotics and my pain went away. Has the infection gone too?
Sometimes, the toothache will stop as the infection destroys the pulp of your tooth or the antibiotic helps the body overcome the bacteria. However, this does not mean that the infection is gone. Because the source of the infection, namely the infected nerve, is not treated, the infection will continue to spread if left untreated, even if you have given up symptoms.