About US

Adopting the principle of being a pioneer in introducing quality, affordable and accessible health services to every level of the society with advanced health technology and facilities, which does not compromise on medical ethical principles in all the health services we serve, respects the rights of patients,
Contributing to the development of oral and dental health practices with education and research studies, Providing the diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases in the best way by using all the possibilities of modern dentistry, Providing quality oral and dental care to our patients by respecting patient rights, without compromising ethical principles To be the leading Oral and Dental Health Center at the national and international level, providing continuous development opportunities to its employees, working with dentists who are experts in their field, observing environmental health and giving priority to preventive health services, providing a clean and hygienic working environment.


  • Commitment to purpose and mission,
  • Commitment to ethical and academic values
  • To have corporate affiliation
  • Honesty, transparency and impartiality
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Comply with service standards
  • Prioritizing preventive and preventive treatment
  • Non-discrimination and respect for others
  • Respect for people, nature and the environment
  • Innovation
  • Participation
  • Quality and perfectionism
  • Reliability
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