Right Known Mistakes

What are the misconceptions about oral and dental care?
Brush teeth for 5 minutes (FALSE)
As the time increases, the pressure on the gums and the wear resistance on the teeth decrease. Therefore, long brushing is not recommended. 2 minutes is the ideal time. Even if this time has been increased to 3 minutes lately, this does not apply to those with good oral hygiene.
Toothpaste should cover the entire brush as advertised (FALSE)
Toothpaste should not be applied more than the size of a chickpea. It is especially important for children. Some materials such as flour should not be swallowed and its refreshing feature should not be taken too much. Toothpaste should be the size of a chickpea.
Wet your brush with water under the tap before you start brushing (FALSE)
Before brushing teeth, the bristles of the brush should be as dry as possible. Adequate cleaning cannot be otherwise.
Children should use the same toothpaste as adults (FALSE)
Children should never use the same paste as adults, children’s pastes are different from adults. No flour is used in it. Because children can swallow it. This will be harmful to them.
Flossing is harmful, it makes your teeth bleed (FALSE)
The use of dental floss is very, very important for cleaning teeth and gums. The use of dental floss is absolutely necessary for cleaning the teeth. While brushing teeth cleans the tooth surfaces, it causes plaque left between the teeth. The slight crookedness of the teeth increases this situation. The only way to clean the interfaces that the toothbrush cannot enter is to use dental floss.
Those who clean their teeth once should do it constantly (FALSE)
While cleaning the teeth, all bacterial plaques are removed. Healthy teeth and gums are formed. But when there are tartars in the mouth, the new stones accumulated on it cannot be noticed. The calculus that remains for a long time also progresses under the gum and creates gum diseases. Teeth cleaning should be done regularly.
You get bad breath because of stomach problems (FALSE)
99 percent of bad breath is caused by problems in the teeth and gums. For this reason, it is necessary to see a dentist before gastroenterologists in such problems.