Zirconium Coating

Why is Zirconium Teeth More Aesthetic?
Metal-supported veneers form a gray band on the gingiva as a result of contact between the gingiva and the metal; This situation creates a negative image in terms of gingival aesthetics. In addition, porcelain veneer, which is a material incompatible with the gums, causes reactions in the gums. As a result, problems such as bleeding and irritation occur in the gums. All these problems spoil the appearance of the gums. In addition, metal-supported porcelain veneers do not look like natural teeth because they have more saturated color and texture material. However, zirconium coatings provide much more advantages in terms of light transmittance in terms of material; In this way, a more natural appearance is obtained. In addition, since zirconium crowns, which are highly compatible with the gums, will not cause any reaction on the teeth, they make significant contributions to gingival aesthetics in the context of pink aesthetics. Based on the sum of these reasons, we clinically prefer zirconium dental veneer treatment over porcelain veneer.


Are there situations such as falling, breaking, cracking in zirconium coating?
These possibilities are almost the same as the possibility of breaking and cracking a real healthy tooth. Cracks can be seen very rarely when reverse pressure and excessive force are applied. In such a case, it can be repaired and corrected in our clinic. The risk of falling may occur in cases such as decay of the underlying healthy tooth and loss of substance. In such a case, after the tooth is treated, the veneer is re-glued.